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We use only the most experienced translators.

Whatever your document is about − law, medicine, finance − we choose the right translator for you.

  • One standard page equals a text volume of 1800 characters, including spaces.
  • Average translation speed is 5-10 standard pages per working day.

If your translation is for internal use only, you may decide that a proofreading stage is not essential. However, we do very strongly recommend proofreading for all material destined for publication, just as you would expect with any material produced in English.
What will we do?
Compare the translation with the original text
Check spelling, identify misunderstandings, omissions or ambiguities
Consider the style and vocabulary of the translation
Make constructive suggestions to improve the syntax and clarity of the text
Verify tables, figures, numbers, names, abbreviations, spacing, punctuation, metric conversions

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